SAVE THE DATE – RAVENNA2010 > September 29th & 30th, october 1st 2010 > Waste, Water, Energy. Best practice. Environmental economy.

The Newsletter #1 (in English) is available for download in PDF format.

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What is Ravenna2010?

It is an environment festival, three days of information and training meetings dedicated to technical-economic issues in the fields of waste, water and energy management.

Ravenna2010 represents the third edition of an environmental event taking place in Ravenna’s pedestrian Historical Centre, in 12 fullyequipped Meeting halls in Piazza del Popolo and along the main streets of the Old Town Centre; an event in which participants can ‘walk about’, without the need to use any other means of transport, and which is dedicated to technique and economy, but also includes cultural events such as cinema, music, art.
The main features are:

  • Original format having an elevated technical-scientific level, within a pedestrian historical centre;
  • Effective development of the event ‘from the bottom up’ with the involvement of all the actors concerned (institutions, category associations, business enterprises, etc.) through the organization of Labelab, an independent network of professionals operating at national level;
  • Event which is always ‘active’ thanks to the pre and post event communication activities (active organiztion all year round) – A review of the previous editions is always available at the following websites www.ravenna2008.it and www.ravenna2009.it


The specific issues of the 2010 event can be summarized through the 4 ‘IN’ objectives:
INnovation in best practice and technological challenges
INtegration of knowledge and cultures for an advancement in the waste, water and energy fields;
INvestments for the development of green economies;
INternationalization, considered as an exchange of knowledge and opportunities.